Must-Have Vineyard Supplies: Plastic Harvest Bins

Wooden bins are outdated, costly, and even dangerous. Explore the many benefits of REMCON Plastics Inc. harvest bins.

You’ve spent all this money, time, and TLC tending to your grapevines. Don’t blow it by investing in sub-standard vineyard supplies, like wooden harvest bins.

You know what we’re talking about, right? Those infamous wood frame bins with plastic liners nailed or stapled onto the frame.

Wooden bins are problematic when it comes to harvesting grapes. Here’s why:

  • Bugs and pests can easily infiltrate the wood (and ruin the contents).
  • Other unattractive things (like mold) can contaminate the wood and destroy your grapes.
  • Maintaining and replacing the liners and frames is costly.
  • Wood is heavier than other materials, like plastic, making it tougher to lift and dump, which can slow down production (and time equals money, as we all know).

Bottom line: wooden bins are outdated, costly, and even dangerous.

The good news? We have an ideal solution: the FBP-42 Harvest Bin and Pallet Combo from REMCON Plastics Inc.

Remcon Harvest Bin and Pallet Combo

Here are the features and benefits you’ll enjoy when you use the REMCON harvest bins for your grapes:

  • Incredible durability. Thanks to the roto-molding process, the Remcon harvest bin is a one-piece unit with no seam or weld, making it incredibly durable and long lasting, especially when compared to blow-molded or injection-molded products. It’s normal for our bins to last 15-20 years. (The pallets are also replaceable.)
  • Great warranty. As a turbo-boost to the product’s already excellent durability, we offer a five-year warranty (we replace the product if it breaks down under normal work process).
  • Easy to maintain. A pressure washer is all you need to get the job done right…and fast.
  • Easy to manage. With rotational forklift gears, you can rotate and dump each harvest lug in one motion.
  • Easy to store. The bins nest together by stacking inside each other with a lid on top for the winters. Wooden bins do not nest.
  • No more plastic liners. Say goodbye to pain-in-the-butt repairs and costly replacements. (Remember, plastic liners cost around $100 each.)
  • No more worries about pests and mold. Plastic is non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about the material harboring unwanted bugs and bacteria that could destroy your harvest.
  • FDA compliant. Our bins are FDA compliant, thanks to the polyethylene resin and pigments (wooden craft bins are not).
  • Better weight and volume. Our bins are half the weight of a wooden craft bin, but they hold 10% more product.

The Remcon Grape Harvest Bins in Action

AgriAmerica LLC, a harvesting operations company in Silver Creek, New York, made the switch to REMCON harvest bins. The owner, Eric Huddy, notes many benefits to his business:

  • The harvest bins are much lighter to transport.
  • The harvest bins are easy and efficient to clean and maintain.
  • The harvest bins hold more grapes.
  • The harvest bins, even when full, weigh less than full wooden bins, saving the company on freight charges and reducing stress on machinery.
  • The harvest bins stack and store really well.

Remcon Plastic Harvest Bins Stacked at Facility


At SP Barney, we’re the exclusive sales agent in New England and New York state for REMCON Plastics Inc. Order your harvest bins through us and give your grapes the best chance on the next leg of their journey. And not just grapes—think cranberries, blueberries, and other produce.

2018 SPECIAL: In fact, we believe so strongly you’re going to love Remcon harvest bins that we’re offering a free trial for three weeks (you only need to pay the freight cost to ship the bins).

  • During the trial, you can…
  • Fit the bins onto your trailers to ensure they’re what you need.
  • Lift and dump a fully loaded bin to experience the benefits firsthand.
  • See how easy the bins are to clean.
  • Also check out the strength and durability if the REMCON lid. Strong enough to stand on when filling other bins in the field.

Click here to get started with your three-week trial or to order harvest bins right now.


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