Custom Molding and Material Handling Solutions

Taking Ideas from Paper to Plastic

Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers tell us about what will help them most. That’s how we’ve developed many of our core products—to meet the specific needs of our customers. But we know that, sometimes, a customer may need something special.

Maybe it’s a specific part that you’ve already designed. Or, you have an idea of how to combine several of your own products into one. Better yet, you’ve thought of a totally new product concept. We can make it happen. Our engineering design team has created custom plastic rotational molding solutions to solve the toughest problems and deliver the finest details. Chances are, we can come up with the perfect solution for you.

Customize Your Current Plastic Product

Customizing a Current Product

If you’re already using a Remcon product, but you think that maybe with a couple of tweaks it could work better for your specific needs, chances are we already have the solution. If not, let’s work together to get you exactly what you want.

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Guardsafe 42 Barriers

Creating a New Product

Perhaps you need a tote or pallet in a different size or with completely different specifications from our current offerings. Or, maybe you have an idea for a totally new material handling product that will really increase the production efficiency of your plant. Our designers will work with you to understand the need and even visit your facility to develop the optimum solution for you.

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Custom Designed Solutions

Contract Manufacturing

If you resell a product with plastic components or if you have a plan for marketing a plastic product yourself, we will gladly serve as your manufacturing source. We take just as much care and pride in making products that bear our customers’ brand names as we do with our own. If we cannot make what you need, we’ll help you find someone who can.

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